Typical places of use

  • in steam generators of power plants and other industrial systems
  • special applications using other media have also been realised

Basic technical data

  • Nominal pipe size: from DN80 (3'')
  • Nominal pressure class: PN400 (ANSI class 2500)
  • Temperature: up to 620°C

Main advantages

  • The cooling water is always injected into the centre of the pipe, regardless of the quantity
  • The perfect combination of rotary movement, nozzle design and nozzle controlling ensures reliable and precise cooling in all load cases
  • The use of high-grade materials helps to prevent vibration fractures in the functional components and ensures reliable operation without interruptions
  • With its large rangeability, ARTES desuperheaters offer outstanding quality of control. The control performance is continuous across the entire controlling range
  • The valve is permanently leak-tight to the outside
  • The item can be actuated by means of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators

Operating principle



Temperature controller


Measuring transducer

Cooling water



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