Pump KSB-125-140

Pump KSB-125-140


In pumps pumping over condensate with temperature from 150 °C and more.

Technical parameters

Rotational speed of the shaft, rpm


The surplus pressure of condensate in the block, MPa


Maximum temperature of pumping medium, °C



  • The driving end of a shaft is hermetically connected with a single mechanical seal.
  • The condensate is greasing and cooling support and thrust sliding bearings.
  • In comparison with a traditional construction, the length of the shaft is reduced in two times.

Results of modernization

  • The possibility of air suction into the pump cavity through the clearance between the casing and therotor of the pump is ruled out.
  • There is no necessity to lubricate bearing bundles.
  • Vibration characteristics have been significantly improved.
  • The energy consumption has been lowered.
  • The operation reliability of the pump has been improved.
  • The inter-repair period has been enlarged.