Pumps KS-125-140

Modernized pump KS-125-140

Before modernization

  • Losses of pumped products caused by the use of stuffing seals with leaking more than 300 g/h.
  • The significant wear of the shaft casing under the stuffing seal.
  • The necessity of constant technical service of roll-bearings with oil-lubrication.
  • The increase in length of the shaft due to the application of roll bearing.


  • The sliding-bearings are used as the support.
  • The shaft is hermetically connected with a single mechanical seals.
  • Pump casing debugging is not required.

Results of modernization

  • Vibration characteristics of the pump have been improved.
  • The decrease in energy consumption till 2,5-4%.
  • Oil lubrication is prohibited.
  • The reliability of the pump has been increased.
  • The dimensions of the pump have been reduced.