Pump units of series 7-angk



Used to pump over oil and oil-products, liquefied hydrocarbon gases and liquids, containing injurious substances of the 2,3,4 class of danger, with density - 600…1900 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity – not more than 132 cSt with volume concentration of solid elements not more than 2% and not more than 0.2 mm in size; in the temperature range of -41 to +450°C.



  • The high output rate by low energy consumption.
  • The lack of a cooling liquid system for bearings of the pump group and the seal.
  • The high reliability due to the reduction of sealing bundles; as well as the use of vibromonitoring and temperature control systems of bearing group with direct measurement.
  • The Use of mechanical seals ‘Tandem’ working practically without leaking (max leakage 0.002 l/h).
  • The high efficiency of the unit.

Technical parameters

Frequency of shaft rotation, rev/min

1000, 1500, 3000

Submission, m3/h


Pressure, m


Capacity of a drive, kW


Conditional pressure in the case, PN, kg/cm2


Working temperature, °C, not more


Resource, hours, not less

40 000

Service life, years, not less