Packing equipment

PACKING EQUIPMENT: Depalletizer / Palletizer; Box forming equipment; Box sealing equipment(using adhesive tape or hot melt glue); case packer; PALLET STRETCH-WRAPPING equipment

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Machine suitable to the bottles/jars/cans depalletizer and palletized with planed plastic or carton interflaps or reversed trays. The depalletizing system is at stationary pallet and at thrust transfer of the layer.


Box forming is the first stage in the process of secondary packing. Machines for box forming are producing the box from the pre-cut blanks; this can be carried out without help from the operator – in automated mode, or with help from the operator – in semi-automated mode.


Machine suitable to pack the bottles into cases and/or into plastic crates.

Box sealing equipment

When cardboard boxes are filled with products, they shall be sealed. This can be done using adhesive tape or hot melt glue. Box sealing is done in automated mode: The upper flaps of the box are folded down automatically, the machine adjusts itself to box size and reliably seals/glues the box; or in semi-automated mode, when the operator folds down the flaps and pushes the box into the machine.


These machines are intended to wrap products loaded onto the pallets with PE stretching.

The equipment complies with EC safety requirements.