Mechanical seals operation capability support systems

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  • The operation capability support systems operate at working fluid pressures of up to 4.0 MPa (by special order up to 10.0 MPa).
  • A vessel for mechanical seal can work with all types of two-stage seals: double and Tandem-type operating indoors and outdoors.
  • Multipurpose mounting seats of the vessel for the control and measuring instruments enable furnishing the system with elementary devices with subsequent addition of the required electronic measuring instruments, which allow transmitting signals to the automatic control system using personal computers.
  • The control and measuring instruments that are included in a vessel make it possible to monitor operation of the seals both visually and remotely, in the automatic mode.
  • A vessel for mechanical seal has a bypass level gage furnished with different variable sensors. Due to non-availability of fragile parts that can contact with the fluid under excess pressure, reliability of the system increases.
  • The configuration of the control and measuring instruments system can be determined at the customer’s option.

A vessel for mechanical seal

Technical parameters


Coil body


Operating pressure, MPa

from 4,0 to 10,0

from 4,0 to 10,0

Operating temperature of the wall, °C

till +60

from -30 to +80

Design temperature of the wall, °C



Minimum permissible temperature of the wall, °C



Working medium

process water

chemically nonaggressive, non-toxic fluid, compatible with the sealed medium

Hazard class



Explosion hazard



Fire hazard



Capacity, m3