Pump units of 5-angk series



  • Are equipped with highly reliable bearing-seals blocks.
  • Bearings are placed in the chamber formed by the case of the block and seals, which are capsulate the bearing block from two sides.
  • Greasing and cooling of the block is carried out pure by a buffer liquid which circulation is provided built in impeller.
  • The scheme of inclusion is carried out under standard API 682: Plan 52 or Plan 53.
  • Have improved vibroacoustic characteristics.
  • Are equipped with modern plate clutch.
  • Are equipped by gauges for the control of a condition of units.
  • Are equipped by modern and reliable devices of Control and Measuring instrumentations: thermometers, the gauge of pressure difference, rotameter

Technical parameters

Frequency of shaft rotation, rev/min

1500, 3000

Submission, m3/h


Pressure, m


Capacity of a drive, kW


Conditional pressure in the case, PN, kg/cm2

16, 25, 50

Working temperature °C, not more


Resource, hours, not less

40 000

Service life, years, not less