NK type pumps

Results of modernization

  • Increase in service life of the pump.
  • Increase in the between-repairs period.
  • Reduction of expenses for service and repair.
  • Refusal of lubricant oils.
  • Economy of the electric power.
  • Improvement of the pump vibration characteristics.


  • Mechanical seals and bearings of sliding are incorporated into the block and have uniform system of maintenance of working capacity and Emergency protection.
  • Nebūtinas papildomas rėmo ir siurblio pratekamos dalies apdirbimas.
  • Completion of a flowing part and frame is not required.
  • The modernized pump is equipped with modern and reliable control and measuring instrumentations where thermometers, the gauge of pressure difference, rotameter enter.
  • Plate clutch is delivered with block of bearings and seals.
  • Modernization could be applied to most of console oil pumps, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Technical characteristics

The maximal pressure in the block, MPa, (kg/sm2)

4,0 (40,0)

Frequency of shaft rotation, rev/min

till 3000

Capacity, kW

till 800

Temperature of the pumped over medium, °C

from -41 till +450