“ESKOLITA” company established in 1997 and all these years up to the present is working successfully. Our company’s team of professionals has a great experience in supplement of technological equipment and spare parts for chemical, oil, power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry. We offer a wide assortment of gaskets, sealing materials, mechanical seals and their operation capability support systems, joints, pumps, control valves.

Our company supplies single and double mechanical seals, compressor seals, seals for chemical industry, which are especially used for work in hazardous conditions.
High quality control valves satisfy the requirements of the international standards.
Furthermore, we provide a wide range of gaskets and their parts as well. It is also important to mention that only high quality materials are used for their production.
We guarantee that our pumps always comprehensively satisfy our customer’s requirements. What is more, high quality parts are used while modernizing the pumps: mechanical seals, sliding-bearings and gaskets. These improvements make your pump a top quality product.

Our products conform to ISO 9001 standards.

As we work with very experienced manufacturers of the equipment, we guarantee that products we offer are of high quality, very reliable and made according to our clients’ requests.
Many of successful company’s “ESKOLITA” projects in Lithuania and Europe undoubtedly prove the high level and irreproachable quality of our products.