Pump XB 160/210




Modernization is used for traditional designs of pumps, different liquids: water, oil, petroleum products, and chemical liquids.


  • Unloading axial force due to the installation of the mechanical seal with effective hydraulic diameter, the unloader drum is superfluous.
  • Increase efficiency by 3-5%, due to the elimination of the flow through the discharge line of the unloader  drum.
  • Improvement of vibroacoustic characteristics due to the damping properties of radial and axial plain bearings.


  • Modernization of the pumps is used without changing of the pump housing.
  • Failure of lubrication oil for lubricating the radial and axial bearings.
  • Working of radial and axial plain bearings pump in the pumping liquid for them lubricating and cooling.
  • Increase in stiffness of the shaft due to the decrease of its base length between the radial bearings.
  • Increase overhaul period, electricity saving.
  • Increasing the reliability of the upgraded pump.
  • Overhaul period is 5 years or more.


Pump ХБ 160/210 before modernization


Pump ХБ 160/210 after modernization